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Delrin Chemical Resistance Chart

The information contained in the Chemical Resistance Guide has been compiled from various literature references and sources. It may be considered as a basis for chemical resistance but not as a guarantee. It is strongly advised that specific OMS LLC products be tested under actual service conditions to determine suitability. OMS LLC can provide samples for chemical resistance testing available upon request. Note: All OMS Harness Systems are equipped with buckles that are made from glass filled Nylon and/or Delrin/Acetal. .

Ocean Management System, (OMS)
23 Factory Street
Montgomery, NY 12549

Chemical Resistant Chart

Dupont Homopolymer Acetal (Delrin)

AcetaldehydeA- Excellent
AcetamideA- Excellent
Acetate SolventN/A
Acetic AcidD- Severe Effect
Acetic Acid 20%C- Fair
Acetic Acid 80%D- Severe Effect
Acetic Acid, GlacialD- Severe Effect
Acetic AnhydrideD- Severe Effect
AcetoneA- Excellent
Acetyl BromideN/A
Acetyl Chloride (dryD- Severe Effect
AcetyleneA- Excellent
Adipic AcidN/A
Alcohols:AmylA- Excellent
Alcohols:BenzylA- Excellent
Alcohols:ButylA- Excellent
Alcohols:DiacetoneA- Excellent
Alcohols:EthylA1- Excellent
Alcohols:HexylA- Excellent
Alcohols:IsobutylA- Excellent
Alcohols:IsopropylA- Excellent
Alcohols:MethylA- Excellent
Alcohols:OctylA- Excellent
Alcohols:PropylA- Excellent
Aluminum ChlorideN/A
Aluminum Chloride 20%C- Fair
Aluminum FluorideC- Fair
Aluminum HydroxideA- Excellent
Aluminum NitrateB1- Good
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 10%C- Fair
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 100%C- Fair
Aluminum SulfateB1- Good
AminesD- Severe Effect
Ammonia 10%D- Severe Effect
Ammonia NitrateC- Fair
Ammonia, anhydrousD- Severe Effect
Ammonia, liquidD- Severe Effect
Ammonium AcetateN/A
Ammonium BifluorideD- Severe Effect
Ammonium CarbonateD- Severe Effect
Ammonium CaseinateD- Severe Effect
Ammonium ChlorideB- Good
Ammonium HydroxideC- Fair
Ammonium NitrateA2- Excellent
Ammonium OxalateB- Good
Ammonium PersulfateD- Severe Effect
Ammonium Phosphate, DibasicB2- Good
Ammonium Phosphate, MonobasicB- Good
Ammonium Phosphate, TribasicB- Good
Ammonium SulfateB1- Good
Ammonium SulfiteD- Severe Effect
Ammonium ThiosulfateB- Good
Amyl AcetateB1- Good
Amyl AlcoholA- Excellent
Amyl ChlorideA- Excellent
AnilineA1- Excellent
Aniline HydrochlorideN/A
AntifreezeD- Severe Effect
Antimony TrichlorideN/A
Aqua Regia (80% HCl, 20% HNO3)D- Severe Effect
Arochlor 1248N/A
Aromatic HydrocarbonsA- Excellent
Arsenic AcidD- Severe Effect
Arsenic SaltsN/A
AsphaltB2- Good
Barium CarbonateA- Excellent
Barium ChlorideA- Excellent
Barium CyanideB- Good
Barium HydroxideD- Severe Effect
Barium NitrateB2- Good
Barium SulfateB2- Good
Barium SulfideA- Excellent
BeerA1- Excellent
Beet Sugar LiquidsB- Good
BenzaldehydeA- Excellent
BenzeneA- Excellent
Benzene Sulfonic AcidN/A
Benzoic AcidB- Good
BenzolA- Excellent
Benzyl ChlorideA- Excellent
Bleaching LiquorsN/A
Borax (Sodium Borate)B- Good
Boric AcidA- Excellent
Brewery SlopB- Good
BromineD- Severe Effect
ButadieneA- Excellent
ButaneA- Excellent
Butanol (Butyl Alcohol)A- Excellent
ButterA- Excellent
ButtermilkA- Excellent
Butyl AmineC1- Fair
Butyl EtherD- Severe Effect
Butyl PhthalateN/A
ButylacetateA- Excellent
ButyleneA- Excellent
Butyric AcidA- Excellent
Calcium BisulfateN/A
Calcium BisulfideD- Severe Effect
Calcium BisulfiteD- Severe Effect
Calcium CarbonateA- Excellent
Calcium ChlorateA- Excellent
Calcium ChlorideD- Severe Effect
Calcium HydroxideD- Severe Effect
Calcium HypochloriteD- Severe Effect
Calcium NitrateD- Severe Effect
Calcium OxideA- Excellent
Calcium SulfateD- Severe Effect
CalgonA- Excellent
Cane JuiceA- Excellent
Carbolic Acid (Phenol)D- Severe Effect
Carbon BisulfideA- Excellent
Carbon Dioxide (dry)A- Excellent
Carbon Dioxide (wet)A- Excellent
Carbon DisulfideA1- Excellent
Carbon MonoxideA- Excellent
Carbon TetrachlorideB1- Good
Carbon Tetrachloride (dry)N/A
Carbon Tetrachloride (wet)A1- Excellent
Carbonated WaterA- Excellent
Carbonic AcidB1- Good
CatsupB- Good
Chloric AcidD- Severe Effect
Chlorinated GlueD- Severe Effect
Chlorine (dry)D- Severe Effect
Chlorine WaterD- Severe Effect
Chlorine, Anhydrous LiquidA1- Excellent
Chloroacetic AcidD- Severe Effect
Chlorobenzene (Mono)D- Severe Effect
ChloroformA- Excellent
Chlorosulfonic AcidD- Severe Effect
Chocolate SyrupA- Excellent
Chromic Acid 10%D- Severe Effect
Chromic Acid 30%D- Severe Effect
Chromic Acid 5%D- Severe Effect
Chromic Acid 50%D- Severe Effect
Chromium SaltsN/A
CiderA- Excellent
Citric AcidB1- Good
Citric OilsB- Good
Clorox (Bleach)D- Severe Effect
CoffeeA- Excellent
Copper ChlorideA- Excellent
Copper CyanideA- Excellent
Copper FluoborateB- Good
Copper NitrateA- Excellent
Copper Sulfate >5%D- Severe Effect
Copper Sulfate 5%D- Severe Effect
CreamA- Excellent
CresolsD- Severe Effect
Cresylic AcidD- Severe Effect
Cupric AcidN/A
Cyanic AcidD- Severe Effect
CyclohexaneA1- Excellent
CyclohexanoneA- Excellent
DetergentsA1- Excellent
Diacetone AlcoholN/A
DichloroethaneA1- Excellent
Diesel FuelA- Excellent
Diethyl EtherN/A
DiethylamineB- Good
Diethylene GlycolA1- Excellent
Dimethyl AnilineD- Severe Effect
Dimethyl FormamideD- Severe Effect
Diphenyl OxideD- Severe Effect
DyesC- Fair
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate)B- Good
EthaneA1- Excellent
EthanolA1- Excellent
EthanolamineD- Severe Effect
EtherA1- Excellent
Ethyl AcetateA- Excellent
Ethyl BenzoateN/A
Ethyl ChlorideA1- Excellent
Ethyl EtherA1- Excellent
Ethyl SulfateN/A
Ethylene BromideN/A
Ethylene ChlorideA1- Excellent
Ethylene ChlorohydrinD- Severe Effect
Ethylene DiamineD- Severe Effect
Ethylene DichlorideB1- Good
Ethylene GlycolB- Good
Ethylene OxideD- Severe Effect
Fatty AcidsA- Excellent
Ferric ChlorideD- Severe Effect
Ferric NitrateD- Severe Effect
Ferric SulfateD- Severe Effect
Ferrous ChlorideD- Severe Effect
Ferrous SulfateD- Severe Effect
Fluoboric AcidA1- Excellent
FluorineD- Severe Effect
Fluosilicic AcidA1- Excellent
Formaldehyde 100%A- Excellent
Formaldehyde 40%A2- Excellent
Formic AcidA2- Excellent
Freon 113A- Excellent
Freon 12B- Good
Freon 22A- Excellent
Freon TFA- Excellent
Freon 11D- Severe Effect
Fruit JuiceD- Severe Effect
Fuel OilsA- Excellent
Furan ResinD- Severe Effect
FurfuralA- Excellent
Gallic AcidN/A
Gasoline (high-aromatic)B- Good
Gasoline, leaded, ref.A- Excellent
Gasoline, unleadedA- Excellent
GelatinB- Good
GlucoseA- Excellent
Glue, P.V.A.A- Excellent
GlycerinA- Excellent
Glycolic AcidA- Excellent
Gold MonocyanideA- Excellent
Grape JuiceA- Excellent
GreaseD- Severe Effect
HeptaneA- Excellent
HexaneA- Excellent
HoneyA- Excellent
Hydraulic Oil (Petro)B- Good
Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic)N/A
HydrazineB- Good
Hydrobromic Acid 100%D- Severe Effect
Hydrobromic Acid 20%C- Fair
Hydrochloric Acid 100%C- Fair
Hydrochloric Acid 20%C- Fair
Hydrochloric Acid 37%C- Fair
Hydrochloric Acid, Dry GasN/A
Hydrocyanic AcidB- Good
Hydrocyanic Acid (Gas 10%)C- Fair
Hydrofluoric Acid 100%D- Severe Effect
Hydrofluoric Acid 20%D- Severe Effect
Hydrofluoric Acid 50%D- Severe Effect
Hydrofluoric Acid 75%D- Severe Effect
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 100%A- Excellent
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 20%B- Good
Hydrogen GasN/A
Hydrogen Peroxide 10%D- Severe Effect
Hydrogen Peroxide 100%D- Severe Effect
Hydrogen Peroxide 30%D- Severe Effect
Hydrogen Peroxide 50%D- Severe Effect
Hydrogen Sulfide (aqua)C- Fair
Hydrogen Sulfide (dry)N/A
HydroquinoneA- Excellent
Hydroxyacetic Acid 70%A- Excellent
InkB- Good
IodineD- Severe Effect
Iodine (in alcohol)D- Severe Effect
Isopropyl AcetateD- Severe Effect
Isopropyl EtherD- Severe Effect
Jet Fuel (JP3, JP4, JP5)A1- Excellent
KeroseneA2- Excellent
KetonesD- Severe Effect
Lacquer ThinnersD- Severe Effect
LacquersD- Severe Effect
Lactic AcidB- Good
LardA- Excellent
LatexB- Good
Lead AcetateB- Good
Lead NitrateN/A
Lead SulfamateA- Excellent
LigroinB- Good
LimeB- Good
Linoleic AcidB- Good
Lithium ChlorideA- Excellent
Lithium HydroxideN/A
LubricantsA- Excellent
Lye: Ca(OH)2 Calcium HydroxideD- Severe Effect
Lye: KOH Potassium HydroxideA- Excellent
Lye: NaOH Sodium HydroxideC- Fair
Magnesium BisulfateN/A
Magnesium CarbonateA- Excellent
Magnesium ChlorideB1- Good
Magnesium HydroxideA- Excellent
Magnesium NitrateA- Excellent
Magnesium OxideA- Excellent
Magnesium Sulfate (Epson Salts)B- Good
Maleic AcidA- Excellent
Maleic AnhydrideD- Severe Effect
Malic AcidA- Excellent
Manganese SulfateA1- Excellent
MashA- Excellent
MayonnaiseA- Excellent
MelamineA- Excellent
Mercuric Chloride (dilute)B- Good
Mercuric CyanideN/A
Mercurous NitrateN/A
MercuryA- Excellent
MethaneA- Excellent
Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)A- Excellent
Methyl AcetateB- Good
Methyl AcetoneD- Severe Effect
Methyl AcrylateB- Good
Methyl Alcohol 10%A- Excellent
Methyl BromideD- Severe Effect
Methyl Butyl KetoneD- Severe Effect
Methyl CellosolveD- Severe Effect
Methyl ChlorideB- Good
Methyl DichlorideD- Severe Effect
Methyl Ethyl KetoneC- Fair
Methyl Ethyl Ketone PeroxideN/A
Methyl Isobutyl KetoneN/A
Methyl Isopropyl KetoneN/A
Methyl MethacrylateD- Severe Effect
MethylamineD- Severe Effect
Methylene ChlorideB- Good
MilkA- Excellent
Mineral SpiritsA- Excellent
MolassesA- Excellent
Monochloroacetic acidD- Severe Effect
MonoethanolamineD- Severe Effect

Chemical Resistant Chart

Dupont Homopolymer Acetal (Delrin)

Motor oilB- Good
MustardC- Fair
NaphthaA1- Excellent
NaphthaleneA1- Excellent
Natural GasB- Good
Nickel ChlorideA- Excellent
Nickel NitrateN/A
Nickel SulfateA- Excellent
Nitrating Acid (<15% HNO3)N/A
Nitrating Acid (>15% H2SO4)D- Severe Effect
Nitrating Acid (Š1% Acid)N/A
Nitrating Acid (Š15% H2SO4)N/A
Nitric Acid (20%)D- Severe Effect
Nitric Acid (50%)D- Severe Effect
Nitric Acid (5-10%)D- Severe Effect
Nitric Acid (Concentrated)D- Severe Effect
NitrobenzeneC- Fair
Nitrogen FertilizerN/A
NitromethaneA- Excellent
Nitrous AcidN/A
Nitrous OxideN/A
Oils:AnilineD- Severe Effect
Oils:AniseD- Severe Effect
Oils:BayD- Severe Effect
Oils:BoneD- Severe Effect
Oils:CastorA- Excellent
Oils:CinnamonD- Severe Effect
Oils:CitricA- Excellent
Oils:CoconutA- Excellent
Oils:Cod LiverB- Good
Oils:CornA- Excellent
Oils:CottonseedA- Excellent
Oils:CreosoteD- Severe Effect
Oils:Diesel Fuel (20, 30, 40, 50)D- Severe Effect
Oils:Fuel (1, 2, 3, 5A, 5B, 6)D- Severe Effect
Oils:GingerA- Excellent
Oils:Hydraulic Oil (Petro)B- Good
Oils:Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic)N/A
Oils:LemonD- Severe Effect
Oils:LinseedA- Excellent
Oils:MineralA- Excellent
Oils:OliveA- Excellent
Oils:OrangeD- Severe Effect
Oils:PalmA- Excellent
Oils:PeanutA- Excellent
Oils:PeppermintD- Severe Effect
Oils:PineA- Excellent
Oils:RapeseedA- Excellent
Oils:Sesame SeedD- Severe Effect
Oils:SiliconeA- Excellent
Oils:SoybeanA- Excellent
Oils:Sperm (whale)D- Severe Effect
Oils:TanningD- Severe Effect
Oils:TransformerA- Excellent
Oils:TurbineA- Excellent
Oleic AcidA- Excellent
Oleum 100%D- Severe Effect
Oleum 25%D- Severe Effect
Oxalic Acid (cold)B- Good
OzoneC- Fair
Palmitic AcidA- Excellent
ParaffinA- Excellent
PentaneB- Good
Perchloric AcidC- Fair
PerchloroethyleneB- Good
PetrolatumB- Good
PetroleumB- Good
Phenol (10%)B- Good
Phenol (Carbolic Acid)D- Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid (>40%)D- Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid (crude)D- Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid (molten)D- Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid (Š40%)D- Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid AnhydrideD- Severe Effect
PhosphorusB- Good
Phosphorus TrichlorideD- Severe Effect
Photographic DeveloperD- Severe Effect
Photographic SolutionsD- Severe Effect
Phthalic AcidC- Fair
Phthalic AnhydrideC- Fair
Picric AcidA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Antimony Plating 130FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Arsenic Plating 110FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Brass Plating:   High-Speed Brass Bath 110FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Brass Plating:   Regular Brass Bath 100FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Bronze Plating:   Cu-Cd Bronze Bath R.T.A- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Bronze Plating:   Cu-Sn Bronze Bath 160FB- Good
Plating Solutions,   Bronze Plating:   Cu-Zn Bronze Bath 100FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Cadmium Plating:   Cyanide Bath 90FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Cadmium Plating:   Fluoborate Bath 100FC- Fair
Plating Solutions,   Chromium Plating:   Barrel Chrome Bath 95FD- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Chromium Plating:   Black Chrome Bath 115FD- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Chromium Plating:   Chromic-Sulfuric Bath 130FD- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Chromium Plating:   Fluoride Bath 130FD- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Chromium Plating:   Fluosilicate Bath 95FD- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Acid):   Copper Fluoborate Bath 120FC- Fair
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Acid):   Copper Sulfate Bath R.T.A- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Cyanide):   Copper Strike Bath 120FA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Cyanide):   High-Speed Bath 180FB- Good
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Cyanide):   Rochelle Salt Bath 150FB- Good
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Misc):   Copper (Electroless)D- Severe Effect
Plating Solutions,   Copper Plating (Misc):   Copper PyrophosphateA- Excellent
Plating Solutions,   Gold Plating:   Acid 75FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Gold Plating:   Cyanide 150FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Gold Plating:   Neutral 75FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Indium Sulfamate Plating R.T.N/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Ferrous Am Sulfate Bath 150FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Ferrous Chloride Bath 190FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Ferrous Sulfate Bath 150FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Fluoborate Bath 145FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Sulfamate 140FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Iron Plating:   Sulfate-Chloride Bath 160FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Lead Fluoborate PlatingN/A
Plating Solutions,   Nickel Plating:   Electroless 200FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Nickel Plating:   Fluoborate 100-170FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Nickel Plating:   High-Chloride 130-160FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Nickel Plating:   Sulfamate 100-140FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Nickel Plating:   Watts Type 115-160FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Rhodium Plating 120FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Silver Plating 80-120FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Tin-Fluoborate Plating 100FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Tin-Lead Plating 100FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Zinc Plating:   Acid Chloride 140FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Zinc Plating:   Acid Fluoborate Bath R.T.N/A
Plating Solutions,   Zinc Plating:   Acid Sulfate Bath 150FN/A
Plating Solutions,   Zinc Plating:   Alkaline Cyanide Bath R.T.N/A
Potash (Potassium Carbonate)B- Good
Potassium BicarbonateC- Fair
Potassium BromideA- Excellent
Potassium ChlorateB- Good
Potassium ChlorideA- Excellent
Potassium ChromateC- Fair
Potassium Cyanide SolutionsC- Fair
Potassium DichromateA- Excellent
Potassium FerricyanideB1- Good
Potassium FerrocyanideN/A
Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash)A- Excellent
Potassium HypochloriteN/A
Potassium IodideN/A
Potassium NitrateA- Excellent
Potassium OxalateN/A
Potassium PermanganateA- Excellent
Potassium SulfateB- Good
Potassium SulfideN/A
Propane (liquefied)A- Excellent
Propylene GlycolB- Good
PyridineB- Good
Pyrogallic AcidD- Severe Effect
RosinsB- Good
RumA- Excellent
Rust InhibitorsA- Excellent
Salad DressingsA- Excellent
Salicylic AcidD- Severe Effect
Salt Brine (NaCl saturated)N/A
Sea WaterA- Excellent
Shellac (Bleached)A- Excellent
Shellac (Orange)A- Excellent
SiliconeA- Excellent
Silver BromideC- Fair
Silver NitrateA- Excellent
Soap SolutionsA- Excellent
Soda Ash (see Sodium Carbonate)A- Excellent
Sodium AcetateB- Good
Sodium AluminateB- Good
Sodium BenzoateN/A
Sodium BicarbonateA- Excellent
Sodium BisulfateB- Good
Sodium BisulfiteC- Fair
Sodium Borate (Borax)N/A
Sodium BromideA- Excellent
Sodium CarbonateA1- Excellent
Sodium ChlorateA- Excellent
Sodium ChlorideA1- Excellent
Sodium ChromateD- Severe Effect
Sodium CyanideA- Excellent
Sodium FerrocyanideA- Excellent
Sodium FluorideN/A
Sodium HydrosulfiteN/A
Sodium Hydroxide (20%)A- Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide (50%)A- Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide (80%)D- Severe Effect
Sodium Hypochlorite (<20%)D- Severe Effect
Sodium Hypochlorite (100%)D- Severe Effect
Sodium HyposulfateN/A
Sodium MetaphosphateB- Good
Sodium MetasilicateD- Severe Effect
Sodium NitrateA- Excellent
Sodium PerborateB- Good
Sodium PeroxideD- Severe Effect
Sodium PolyphosphateB- Good
Sodium SilicateC- Fair
Sodium SulfateB- Good
Sodium SulfideB- Good
Sodium SulfiteN/A
Sodium TetraborateB- Good
Sodium Thiosulfate (hypo)C1- Fair
SorghumA- Excellent
Soy SauceA- Excellent
Stannic ChlorideC- Fair
Stannic FluoborateC- Fair
Stannous ChlorideN/A
StarchA- Excellent
Stearic AcidA- Excellent
Stoddard SolventA- Excellent
StyreneA- Excellent
Sugar (Liquids)A- Excellent
Sulfate (Liquors)D- Severe Effect
Sulfur ChlorideD- Severe Effect
Sulfur DioxideB- Good
Sulfur Dioxide (dry)B- Good
Sulfur HexafluorideN/A
Sulfur TrioxideN/A
Sulfur Trioxide (dry)D- Severe Effect
Sulfuric Acid (<10%)D- Severe Effect
Sulfuric Acid (10-75%)D- Severe Effect
Sulfuric Acid (75-100%)N/A
Sulfuric Acid (cold concentrated)N/A
Sulfuric Acid (hot concentrated)N/A
Sulfurous AcidC- Fair
Sulfuryl ChlorideA- Excellent
TallowA- Excellent
Tannic AcidB- Good
Tanning LiquorsB- Good
Tartaric AcidB- Good
TetrachloroethaneA- Excellent
TetrachloroethyleneA- Excellent
TetrahydrofuranA- Excellent
Tin SaltsN/A
Toluene (Toluol)C1- Fair
Tomato JuiceB- Good
Trichloroacetic AcidN/A
TrichloroethaneA- Excellent
TrichloroethyleneD- Severe Effect
TrichloropropaneA- Excellent
TricresylphosphateC- Fair
TriethylamineD- Severe Effect
Trisodium PhosphateA- Excellent
TurpentineA2- Excellent
UreaA- Excellent
Uric AcidN/A
UrineA- Excellent
VarnishA- Excellent
Vegetable JuiceA- Excellent
VinegarB- Good
Vinyl AcetateN/A
Vinyl ChlorideN/A
Water, Acid, MineA1- Excellent
Water, DeionizedN/A
Water, DistilledB- Good
Water, FreshA2- Excellent
Water, SaltA- Excellent
Weed KillersA- Excellent
WheyA- Excellent
Whiskey & WinesA- Excellent
White Liquor (Pulp Mill)D- Severe Effect
White Water (Paper Mill)B- Good
XyleneA- Excellent
Zinc ChlorideC- Fair
Zinc HydrosulfiteC- Fair
Zinc SulfateC- Fair

Ratings -- Chemical Effect

A = Excellent.
B = Good -- Minor Effect, slight corrosion
or discoloration.
C = Fair -- Moderate Effect, not recommended
for continuous use. Softening, loss of strength,
swelling may occur.
D = Severe Effect, not recommended for ANY use.
N/A = Information Not Available.

Explanation of Footnotes
1. Satisfactory to 72F (22 C)
2. Satisfactory to 120F (48 C)

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